Standard Chartered Credit Cards – To Enhance Lifestyle & Access High-Class Privileges

Credit cards are designed to bridge gap between needs and satisfaction, anxiety for purchasing and smile for increasing ability of purchase even with insufficient cash in hand. Since these plastic cards came to market, they have allured people with their instantaneous financing advantages during the most difficult situations. Once a person slips this sleek plastic money into the wallet, his/her wallet obtains an enhanced power to spend money either by accessing from an automatic telling machine or through direct transaction by punching the card in place of money. Main sources to obtain these cards which allow immediate borrowing of money are either banks or some private organisations. Marketplace Clearnet

Standard Chartered is one of those banks that are widely prominent and whose branches are spread ubiquitously across the world. And Standard Chartered credit cards are hugely popular credit cards in and outside India with their variety of customer centric plans, rates and benefits.

Standard Chartered credit cards, like the SBI credit cards, come with many offers which begin with instant approval facility. The bank has devised diverse ranges of credit cards for diverse ranges of customers from different spectrum of society. These credit cards are classified to serve different purposes and to suit for different classes and countries of people. These purposes tend to vary extremely. If the customer has to travel from place to place or one country to another, he should opt for those Standard Chartered Credit Cards offering travel insurance, instant flight booking, reserving hotel accommodation, enjoying visit to special amusement parks or places like expensive golf clubs, shopping at travelling destinations etc.

Frequent travellers can take advantage of different kinds of travel-oriented Standard Chartered Credit Cards such as the Standard Chartered Air Sahara Gold Card, Standard Chartered Air Sahara Gold Card, Standard Chartered Emirates Platinum Card etc. There are also those special Standard Chartered credit cards which are customised to offer special privileges to passengers of particular flights like the Standard Chartered Air Sahara Gold Card. This card is designed to benefit ‘Jet setter’ with various incentives like free tickets for spouse and children, upgrading to upper class like business class, access to luxurious lounges of Air Sahara royal airport along with snacks and beverages etc.

If you are leading (or wish to lead) clubbing or socialising kind of lifestyle then become a guest or member of a premium club with leisure Standard Chartered Credit Cards like the Standard Chartered RCI Gold Card. This is the first leisure credit card in India specially for the RCI membership holders. This card provides entry to unlimited leisures of life including magnificent travel plans at selected destinations in and outside India including Mexico, Thailand or South East Florida, also guest certificates, easy renewal fees which can be paid in instalments, free of cost access to both domestic and international airport lounges inclusive of snacks and drinks and many more.

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